Leo Dorian Stiebeling's passion for film developed at an early age. He attended drama school and appeared in various theatre and film productions as a teenager, before turning to work behind the camera. Along the way, he has already been the co-founder and executive producer of a production company and has worked with renowned agencies such as Serviceplan, Innocean and McCann on some of the world's best-known brands. Today, his focus is on creating films, commercials and branded shorts that advocate for social causes and empower young adults. With a background in acting, he has a strong sense of narrative subtlety and strives to elicit outstanding performances from his cast. Using his extensive technical and visual expertise as a cinematographer, Leo creates cinematic experiences that transport audiences into the characters' subjective world and leave a lasting impact. 

His work has been recognised by a number of media outlets and at festivals such as the Berlin Music Video Awards and the Genrenale. Other accolades include the Gold Award at the Prix de la Photographie Paris, Best Film at Randfilmfest and Best Grading at the MBT Film Awards.